Monday, June 20, 2011

Saltdogs Game

 We had a great night as a family going to a baseball game last Saturday.  Bug had his first experience rolling down a hill and he got the biggest kick out of it.  He was cracking up every time he climbed back up to us.  Bear enjoyed his first funnel cake and kept sneaking back to lick the powdered sugar up off the plate.  The weather was perfect that evening and it was fun to do something different.
 Pretty sure we have a "lefty" on our hands. Notice Bear eating and throwing with his left hand?


Wiseman Family said...

So cute! It looks like fun. We should have gone to some games here--they have the NAIA "world series" here, believe it or not. The boys are getting so big. We love leftys in our family. David is one.

Becky said...

We got to go to a Salt Dogs game while we were there! It was so fun! Cute cute pictures and I LOVE the picture of the whole family!