Thursday, January 31, 2013


I am so glad that this first date, thirteen years ago, eventually turned into 8 years of marriage.
On our actual Anniversary, the whole family went to a burger and fry joint that raises all of their own beef on a farm nearby.  Then for our date, that weekend, we went to our favorite Sushi place. I can't get enough of it.

Monday, January 21, 2013


For the first time in five and a half years, I was completely kid free for FIVE days.  My sister and I met up in Seattle and then drove, with her littlest one, to Vancouver to visit my brother and his wife.
It was wonderful to spend time with my siblings.  We all live so far apart, that occasions like this are way too rare.  I loved every minute of being in their company. 
We got to visit with my Grandad (94), which was really nice.
  Vancouver is breathtaking.  My bro and his wife are avid hikers and took us to one of their favorite spots......beautiful!
 We also met up with my cousin, two of her girls, and my aunt and uncle for a walk at the harbor.  
Later that night we walked and shopped in Chinatown and then my uncle treated us to our traditional vegetarian Chinese restaurant.
(My sister, cousin, sis-in-law, bro, and me).
 They have two of the most well behaved and non-stinkiest dogs I have ever met.  I could pet them generously and then have no smell at all on my hands. They feed them a raw diet (veggies and raw meat, like whole fish and chicken carcasses) and don't have to bathe them.  I am sold on it.
 My niece, who hardly made an unhappy peep the whole trip. Adorable.
My sister, Uncle, and my cousin's little girl.

 Before we headed back to Seattle, we ate at a vegetarian restaurant that serves some dang good Mexican food.  I had to take pictures of their plants hanging in the windows because I thought it was such a genius idea.  My friend and I tried to grow basil in mason jars and they died after a couple of weeks.  I think they lacked sunlight, and this seems like the perfect solution.
 What a perfectly relaxing and rejuvenating trip.  Miss you all, already!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fall Family Pictures





Christmas in Tennessee

 We spent two weeks in Tennessee over Christmas break. 


 The 6 cousins in their Christmas Jammies.
 Yummy holiday food.
 Belle and Grammy time.
 Bondy and his Dad replacing a ceiling fan.

 Belle with her uncles, sporting her "My Uncle Rocks" onesie and jeggings.
 Meeting up with two of my best friends from middle school, Ginny and Shannon.
 Eating lunch with my sweet friends, Connie and Stacey (a mother and daughter that I taught with.)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nebraska Christmas Celebration

 We celebrated Christmas with my parents before we left for Tennessee. We made a dinner of beef and broccoli and pumpkin pie with a chocolate cookie crust.
  My dad played his traditional role as the donkey in our nativity reenactment. 
 The boys were extremely excited to open their gifts.  They spent the weeks prior, following me around the house acting as UPS men and delivering all of the "packages" from under the tree to whatever room they might find me in.  Bug used a calculator as his UPS scanner.
 Bear received a vintage little people western town set.  His reaction was priceless.

 Bug came to me one day with a little box that he had written "To: Belle. Love: Bug" on, and asked me if he could wrap it.  Below she is opening the gift while Bug proudly watches.  He had taken one of her onesies out of her dresser to wrap for her.
 Belle opening her gift, a doll.

 If you add the Book of Mormon and End the Fed (by Ron Paul) to the following two books, you know every thing you need to know about this guy.
 Bug got a Star Wars Lego Set.  He is OBSESSED with Legos.