Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We took the boys on their first family camping trip this past weekend.  I spent all day Friday getting ready and was so exhausted and tired of fighting boys that I wondered if the effort was even worth it, and promptly forgot the camera. As soon as we arrived at the campsite I was immediately kicking myself.  Grrrrrrrr........note to self ALWAYS bring the camera, even if you are in a bad mood.  Every thing about the trip was perfect.  The weather was soo nice, the boys were in heaven, our marinated steak/mushroom, green pepper tinfoil dinners, s'mores, and bacon/egg/hash brown breakfast were all scrumptious, and playing at the lake and beach the next day was a blast.   The ONLY that was bad was the drunken group of late 20-somethings keeping us up until 2 am (they were so loud and obnoxious and that is an understatement)..........GROW-UP PEOPLE!!! Luckily the boys slept through it all.  When the weather cools down again we will definitely be doing this again before the baby arrives. 


Alys said...

Oh it is the worst when you forget the camera. Glad to hear it was a good camping trip though. You are brave to go camping when pregnant!

Wiseman Family said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'm glad it turned out so great. My mom likes to tell a similar story about drunk 20-somethings who kept her up all night once when our family was camping at the lake. The kids slept through it, of course, and were wide awake with the sun by 5:30am. So, she armed us with pots and metal spoons and sent us out to wake them up...I mean, play. =) Hahaha

Megan and Shawn said...

Love camping! Your boys are so stinking cute! I hope you are feeling good. I keep thinking about you in this weather, and I will send thoughts of a cool pool, a sno-cone, and a nice shady breeze your way! Can't wait to see you guys.