Monday, June 6, 2011

Ride that Pony

Our zoo offers pony rides for four dollars.  I think that is a little pricey for two laps around a small pony stall, so I have never encouraged or asked the boys if they wanted to ride.  Instead we admire the ponies and continue on our way.  Somehow Bear got it in his mind that he wanted to ride one and he was so cute talking about it that I couldn't ignore his desire.  He wore his "I rode a pony" sticker on every shirt he wore over the following three days. Totally worth it.
Bug is deathly scared of heights, and therefore did not want to ride......yes, so scared that even a pony seems high up to him.  He said, "I will ride a pony when I am four, on my birthday."  Instead he chose to feed the goats.  Which he did very bravely, I might add.  Bear would get close and then fearfully throw the food saying, "Eat this goats." 
Can you tell which child I still get to choose outfits for? :)

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Shalantie said...

haha....It's fun to see their personalities unfold.
I think that pony ride is expensive too.. I love how you try to keep it a secret that there are pony rides..and then bear looks at you like he's known it all along.."can I ride the pony". lol. kids.