Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Belle's 3rd Month

 Just wanted to post a few pictures of this precious girl's third month.  We adore her, and even when I feel like I'm getting my trashed kicked as a mother (which has seemed like a lot the past few weeks), this girl's smile makes it all seem like maybe I'm not doing as bad as a job as I sometimes think. 
At three months she loves the following:
Looking at and chewing/sucking on her hands.
Waking up about every three hours at night to eat.
Being bounced in my arms on the edge of the bed when she is ready to go to sleep.
Talking and smiling at any one who will talk and smile to her, but especially Daddy. 
Sleeping on her tummy and sometimes waking herself up when she rolls over.
She HATES when I touch her nose to clean it.  She cries as soon as I start and stops as soon as I stop.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Not that I'm totally biased or anything, but this just might be the cutest little Valentine ever.
 I made her leggings, heart onesie, and her ridiculously huge tutu headband. I know it's all a little over the top, but if you wished to have a baby girl since you were like 7, and finally got one after two boys, then you understand. :)

 Bear showing off his completed monster tee.

The boys with their Valentine mailboxes. 
 They are singing rock a bye baby to their boxes in this picture.
 Our friend invited us to their home school Valentine Party, the boys would not participate in the games, but when it came time to deliver Valentine's and decorate cookies there was no stopping them.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snow Snow Snow

 Winter finally hit here.  This past Saturday we received 8-12 inches of snow and Bondy actually got a chance to use his snow blower. My dad was practically kicking Bond out the door so that he could take it for a spin as well.  The snow was so heavy that the tree in our front yard had branches (that normally Bondy could maybe touch if he jumped) almost touching the ground. 

 My dad LOVES the snow (that's a true-blooded, Canadian for you) and was smiling all day.  Here he is checking how much snow we had gotten by mid-day. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Monsters

I love how the boy's Valentine shirts turned out using this tutorial from "Make It and Love It." I added arms and fingers to Bug's shirt but still need to add some fingers to Bear's. 
Bug had a Pajama party at Preschool today but was embarrassed to wear PJ's so we made a deal where he could wear this shirt with some of his gray cotton pajama pants.  He informed me that they had a pillow fight and he won.