Friday, April 16, 2010

The Rainbow Cake

Here is the result of my first butter cream cake decorating class. We didn't have a choice on how to decorate, so don't judge. :) And please excuse the "5 year old handwriting." My real writing doesn't look much different. I can't wait to learn how to do more. I definitely recommend a hobby with an edible outcome. We used the cake to celebrate our friend, Chandra's, Birthday.

Bug ate all of the frosting and no cake, Bear commandeered my fork ate whatever he could get in his mouth as quickly as possible.


Nathan said...

Cute cake! You're rainbow cake turned out WAY better than mine did! I'll email you the cream cheese recipe I found online. Warning: it takes 1 lb. of cream cheese!!! That's TWO blocks! So good though!~ This is Becky (on Nate's computer and too lazy to change users, sorry!)

Dianne said...

Are you sure that you didn't pick this cake up at a bakery? I think I've seen one almost the same at Kroger.