Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter and Conference Weekend

This was one of the best weekends. The weather was beautiful. Bond was home with us every day, all day. We were able to enjoy two days worth of General Conference, which was very uplifting and inspiring. And we celebrated Easter with our little family and a few friends. I have LOVED teaching Bug about the Resurrection over the past couple of weeks. Spring time is the greatest.

Friday we started out by dying eggs with some friends.
Then we made sugar cookies for our neighbors made from a great recipe that my sister gave me. Check out her perfectly pretty V-day cookies.
Enjoying a picnic lunch of egg salad sandwiches (and sugar cookies) in between Saturday conference sessions.

Making Tomb Buns with Bug as we talked about the Resurrection. Each bun has a marshmallow wrapped inside that is coated in butter, cinnamon, and sugar. When it is cooked the marshmellow disappears and leaves an empty center, like the empty tomb. Bug and I had so much fun together and I think he learned a lot. (If you ever try them, put a pan on the bottom rack to catch the drippings. We now have a very sticky mess in the bottom of our oven.) Good thing I like the smell of roasted (burnt) marshmallows. :)

The "empty tomb bun."

And last but not least, EASTER BASKETS...YIPEE!


Motherhood for Dummies said...

Thanks for the congrats. Curtis ment to call Curtis to let him know about the whole boy thing and calling him Calvin, but things have been crazy for months now, it seems like!!!

Becky said...

AAAHHHH!! I'm so glad you commented on my blog! I lost track of your blog. I thought it was in my blog list and that maybe you were just not blogging for awhile. I kept meaning to ask you...but, kept forgetting. Anyway, you weren't on my blog list...but now you are, phew!

Well, we will be here until we find a job...and if we find a job here...we will be here. So don't miss us before we are gone...we may be here awhile. ;-)

I value your friendship so much. Thank you!

Becky said...

Oh! And those cookies look GOOD!!!!

Megan and Shawn said...

Nath, I'm so glad you're enjoying good weather! Hope you had a great Easter!