Thursday, November 4, 2010

Boo at the Zoo, Carving Pumpkins, and Trunk or Treat

When I drove by our Zoo last year and saw hundreds of people decked out in their costumes flocking to the entrance for trick or treating, I thought "I will avoid that at all costs while we live here."  But when  I realized Halloween fell on Sunday this year, I decided we should go for it.  We had to walk 5 or six blocks to get there, but once inside the zoo it was perfect.  The boys totally ate it up.

Here are Bug and Daddy hard at work on their pumpkin.
Bear "helping" with a butter knife.

The finished products:  Daddy and Bug's Jack-o-lantern
Bear and Mommy's

Our Church's Trunk or Treat Party
Bear won the cake walk on his first try and wouldn't give Poppi a bite of his winnings.
Bear and Gigi rocking out.

Until next year.....(I am already creating the costumes in my head....can't wait!)

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Tessa said...

Cute! Looks like you guys had a fun October... :)