Monday, August 19, 2013

Imagine Dragons

While we were in Tennessee I had the most amazing opportunity to see Imagine Dragons perform....for free...and go backstage afterwards.  (Poor Bond missed out because he was busy driving a beastly Penske for us.)  While the opening acts were not so cool, and I was glad I had earplugs during them, the rest of the concert was SO good.  Probably the best concert I have ever been to.  That is saying a lot, cause in my book, I have been to some pretty good ones....Jack Johnson, Dixie Chicks, Switchfoot, Sheryl Crow, Martina McBride (to name some of my favorites).  I think I had an adrenaline rush for about three days afterwards.  

During the final song, Radioactive, some super smart person chucked a bottle of soda through the air which happened to smash right into my face.  I immediately had a  busted lip and a huge goose egg on my eyebrow, 
Which later turned into this pretty number.  Needless to say I felt like a pretty hardcore rocker, and so lucky that it didn't actually hit me in the eye or get my teeth. 
It was totally worth it though.  Afterwards, we ventured backstage to meet the band.

By this point we had met everyone in the band except for Dan, the main singer.  We knew he had to go DJ an after party so we figured he had already headed over to the venue for it.  As we were chatting I saw him emerge from their dressing room/trailer and rushed over to him to try and snap a quick picture. If you know me, I am HORRIBLE of taking pictures on my own like this.  I almost always cut off someones head.  I can't believe how perfectly this one turned out. 
Before the band manager/his brother, rushed him off, we snapped this group photo.
My in-laws with their life-long friend, who is Wayne Sermon's dad (the guitarist).  Hence the rare ticket and backstage hook-up. 
Wayne with his wife and parents.
Awesome, unforgettable night.

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Stacy and Justin said...

So sorry about the can to your face, looks painful!