Tuesday, August 27, 2013


One of the things I am most excited about at our new house is the blueberry patch.  There are 99 blueberry bushes there, although we are not harvesting much this summer due to the huge deer population on our property.  Next summer we will have some fencing up around it and I hope we have berries coming out of our ears.

I had to get this picture in of Belle somewhere.  Her Grammy finds the cutest clothes for her.  I especially love this dress. 


Brian and Nellene said...

So fun to catch up on your blog! What a beautiful blueberry patch. And what a pretty little girl! I have been wanting to email you and keep forgetting. No worries that we weren't able to meet up while you were here. We thought it would be a crazy night for you and Brian had some home teaching appointments anyway. We would love to see you when you are here next or we might like to come visit you on the farm some day! I hope all is well.

Stacy and Justin said...

Love, love, love blueberries! How exciting!