Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween and Homeschool Happenings

After we found one of our pumpkins half eaten, and then watched a squirrel carry this one up our tree, we decided we better bring the remaining ones in and paint them.
(See that pumpkin sitting on the left lower branch? It was quite amusing to watch a squirrel struggle up the tree with it).

 Can I just say how much I am LOVING the Homeschool life?  The first two weeks were rough and I was about ready to throw in the towel, but now that we are 55 days into the year, it is great!  I love the flexibility it offers and that I get to keep my boy home with me.  Bug is reading like a champ and seems to have a mind for math.  Today in the car he was figuring out what 20+20 equaled and then 40+40.....must take after his Daddy-0. 
Plus I love the fact that we could join with some other homeschooling friends and have an actual Halloween Party.

 We attended the largest Trunk-or-Treat I have ever witnessed.  The boys came home with tons of treats and Belle had her first sucker.  She had her paci in one hand and her lollipop in the other and went back and forth sucking on each.  She smelled of butterscotch the rest of the night. 

 Bear is such a goof ball.  I love his sense of humor.


The Towner Family said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your homeschool experience. Our decision to keep Nathan home for preschool has been much the same. He and I have so much fun, he is learning at a zooming rate, and we have the flexibility to do all of the other things we want to do with our days. Hope kindergarten continues to go well at your house!

Stacy and Justin said...

You guys look awesome all dressed up for Halloween!