Monday, November 12, 2012

Belle's Par-TAY!

I love planning and preparing for the first birthday.  I consider it a huge success to have survived the first year with some amount of sanity and turning one just seems like such a big deal.  Of course the babe doesn't care, but celebrating a sweet little one's life makes me happy.
 Getting help from her bros opening presents.
 Her "surprised" face, saying "ooh!"
 I used to have this "Little People" dollhouse when I was a kid (which I played with for hours) and found one on ebay for the birthday girl. 
 Such a sweetheart.
 Since her birthday trumped our annual Halloween Howl, I made our traditional soups for her party dinner instead, chicken tortilla and taco soup, with the fixings, and pink lemonade.
I didn't intend to make two cakes, but I was trying to make a semi-healthy one from scratch with whole wheat flour and coconut oil frosting, but it was looking to be a disaster and not edible so I made the second to make sure we could actually eat cake!  It turned out almost exactly how I wanted it to look, but it did not taste good at all......
 Luckily this one was edible!

"Happy Birthday to you!"

 She mushed her cake around, but didn't eat much.  Then she was ready for bed and skipped out early on her party.

 The rest of the kiddos attacked one another with party balloons and had enough fun to make up for Belle's lack of interest.  :)


Diane said...

Happy Birthday little one! You're right about getting through the first year. It is quite an accomplishment!

Tessa said...

Awwww, happy birthday to Belle:)