Thursday, August 30, 2012

California...Knows How to Party

Freshman year at BYU was for sure one of the best years of my "single life".  I made five life long best friends and memories that I can't help but laugh at the thought of.  Earlier this month the last of our group of 6, got married.  (Phirf is missing bc she had a baby a week before the wedding.)
I was able to fly kid free (pump in tow) to Oakland to see Bekah sealed to Peter and spend the weekend with some of my very favorite people.
 I also got to hang out with two of my best childhood friends from Tennessee.   These two girls helped shape who I am and I love that I got to spend time with them.
 Bekah was constantly swarmed by her little nieces. 

 Babes with their babies.

Bekah is famous for her mad dancing skills and we were not the leas bit surprised when they broke free from their couples slow dance to cut a rug for us all.  Loved it. :)

Thanks for the excuse for a much needed girl's weekend, Beks!

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