Sunday, March 4, 2012

Will Someone Please Stop Time?

I seriously have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that in less than 48 hours Bear will be THREE! I wish he would stay my sweet, kind hearted two year old forever.   Multiple times a day he tells me, "Mommy I love you......because you're so pretty."  He gives the BEST hugs and melts my heart with his tenderness.  A couple of weeks ago I was still in my pjs and it was late afternoon.  My unshowered and undone hair had a hideous blue bandanna in it. 
 Bear looked up at me and said, "Mommy, you look pretty with that blue thing in your hair.  Bug, don't you think Mommy is pretty?"
Bug: "Yeah, super pretty, way prettier than Daddy."
Being a mom of three under 5 is VERY challenging, exhausting, and chaotic, but I LOVE MY KIDS SOOO MUCH. They make my life full of crazy joy.
A very generous friend gave us a toddler bed about six months ago.  Knowing Belle was on the way, I was not ready to let Bear move into a big boy bed yet, because I wanted to assure he would still take his nap after she was born.  We had been storing the bed in our garage with the promise that Bear would get it when he turned three.  He has been thrilled about the idea and it finally came to fruition for him.

 I made this rag quilt for his big boy bed and used some of Bondy and my old jeans in it.  I included the pockets so that Bear could store his "friends" in them.
 When I checked on him he was sleeping soundly with his "Hoppy" on his face.  Thirty minutes later he was asleep on the floor.  Hopefully he'll get the hang of not rolling out.
 Bear was an AMAZING potty trainer.  In fact, he potty trained himself before he was even two.  I have kept a diaper on him at night since he was still in a crib and couldn't take himself potty at night.  When his last diaper ran out, we put up his bed and celebrated with banana splits.
 Adding some marshmellows....
 Um, that IS a smile. 

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