Thursday, March 8, 2012


Sunday's have become quite the conundrum since adding Belle to the family and "losing" Bondy to the Bishopric.  If I didn't have my parents to help during Sacrament meeting I don't know what I would do.  Luckily the kids are pretty well behaved during that hour. I attempted to get a good shot of the kids after church but it was more like a wrestling match.

Courtesy of Bug

Courtesy of Bear


Tessa said...

Oh my gosh that sounds crazy! I have a lady in my ward with 4 little kids (including new baby), whose husband is in the bishopric. Maybe I should go sit with her?!

Wiseman Family said...

@Tessa -- you really should go sit with her! My mom always complains that when my dad was called as Bishop shortly after she had #4 (all 4 kids were under the age of 5), that no one ever bothered to offer her any help. Two years later she was the ward organist, he was still Bishop, and still she didn't get much help.
I think we all like to look and act like we've got it all together, but most of the time, I wouldn't mind getting help from others. =)

I love the progression of the photos! The boys did pretty well taking pictures too.
And, I'm glad you have help from your parents. I'm not sure what I'd do if David had a busy Sunday calling.

Sierra said...

I can't believe Bond is in the bishopric!! That blows my mind. Your kiddos are so cute :) I wouldn't mind a bit if Lydia married one of your boys :)