Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Not that I'm totally biased or anything, but this just might be the cutest little Valentine ever.
 I made her leggings, heart onesie, and her ridiculously huge tutu headband. I know it's all a little over the top, but if you wished to have a baby girl since you were like 7, and finally got one after two boys, then you understand. :)

 Bear showing off his completed monster tee.

The boys with their Valentine mailboxes. 
 They are singing rock a bye baby to their boxes in this picture.
 Our friend invited us to their home school Valentine Party, the boys would not participate in the games, but when it came time to deliver Valentine's and decorate cookies there was no stopping them.


Becky said...

How fun! What nice boys to sing to their monster valentine boxes. So cute!

That is THE CUTEST Valentine I've seen. So so adorable.

Love the boys' shirts too. You are so good as sewing and putting your mind to projects and getting them DONE. Such a good example.

Me said...

Yes, the sweetest Valentine... So adorable! We are so glad you could come to the party! And not just cause your cookies were awesome!:)