Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snow Snow Snow

 Winter finally hit here.  This past Saturday we received 8-12 inches of snow and Bondy actually got a chance to use his snow blower. My dad was practically kicking Bond out the door so that he could take it for a spin as well.  The snow was so heavy that the tree in our front yard had branches (that normally Bondy could maybe touch if he jumped) almost touching the ground. 

 My dad LOVES the snow (that's a true-blooded, Canadian for you) and was smiling all day.  Here he is checking how much snow we had gotten by mid-day. 


Alys said...

I can't even imagine being in snow like that. It is 60 degrees and sunny here. Looks fun, though.

Mindy said...

Wow that is quite the snow storm! We are coming to live in Nebraska in just a year :) Hope you are doing well!!

Mindy said...

My husband is going to dental school at Creighton. Omaha is probably far from where you are at... but they probably have just as much snow!