Wednesday, November 2, 2011


 Green Goblin Goo
1 C. cornstarch
1 C. baking soda
1/2 C. water
green food coloring
The boys played with this forever and even though they ended up dumping it all over the counter it was fairly easy to clean up.

 Pumpkin Painting:
Messy, but not nearly as messy or time consuming as carving. Plus, the pumpkins last way longer.

 Decorating sugar cookies.
Bear just wanted to eat anything he could get his mouth on before we would stop him, but Bug stood and decorated every last cookie all by himself.

 Nothing too messy a good tub can't take care of.


Becky said...

What fun things for little boys! You are such a fun mom!

Alissa said...

I'm not so sure about those cookies, they look like they are sprinkled with pepper. :) I need to stop by and see you soon before you have that baby.

Mindy said...

HOW FUN!! Your boys are so cute and so is their mom :). I recently posted some slime/play dough/puffy paint recipes that are really fun. It's under "Ideas for Mom" on our blog...