Sunday, August 21, 2011

Falling in Love with Idaho

Bond spent May, June, and July studying for and stressing over his Comprehensive Exam which took place at the beginning of August.  It covered all of the information he had learned in his courses over the past two years and his status as a PhD student was contingent on the results.  His anxiety was relieved on Thursday when we found out that he passed, and since then he has felt like a HUGE burden has been lifted. 
The day after he took his test, we packed up a rental car and headed to the Wild West to visit friends and family for 12 days.  While we were there I fell in love with Idaho, something I never thought I would say.
 We spent four days with Bond's grandparents in Rexburg.  The weather was perfect.....such a relief from the hot and HUMID Nebraska August we left behind.
Gandpa was looking after a friend's sheep when we arrived.  The boys thouroughly enjoyed feeding them.  Bug woke up to the sound of sheep baaing the first morning and laughingly said to me with a shake of his head, "Dose Seep" (those sheep). Two of the few words he still does not pronounce correctly, and I love to hear him say.
 I could definitley get used to Gma and Gpa's view every morning.  Take note of the beautiful clear sky and outline of the Teton Mountains in the background.
 Grandpa has a fourwheeler to shovel his snow in the winter.  Here, Daddy and Bug are getting a driving lesson from Uncle Dan. 

 Grandma arranged for us to visit and feed a friend's horse.

 While we were there, we got to see their week old kittens.  They were ADORABLE.....too bad they grow into adults.

 It was so nice to be able to spend time with Grandparents and for the boys to get to know them better. 
 They have an awesome garden, and the boys got to help dig up some fresh Idaho potatoes.

 Which was followed by time in the sprinkler.
 We then dried the boys up, and sat down to enjoy some of Grandma's delicious cooking: homemade chicken noodle soup over mashed don't get any more Idaho than that!
 The night before we bought some raspberries and blueberries at the local famer's market and I had a pie crust making lesson from Grandma.  So yummy.
 I could also get used to the Summer sunsets from their front porch. 


Megan and Shawn said...

Of course this post warmed my heart - since for 10 years everyone thinks I'm insane! But it really is a perfect place in so many ways. The pie looked awesome, wish I could have shared that with you! Thanks again for everything - we had such a great time with you all! Love ya and Miss you already!

Anonymous said...

What a fun vacation!!!

Wiseman Family said...

We love Idaho too, and I never thought I would. In fact, when David was applying to law schools back in 2002 I told him he was not allowed to apply at University of Idaho because "I could never live in Idaho!" We especially like our little valley oasis in Lewiston because we don't get hardly any snow here, but get to enjoy all the other benefits of living in Idaho. Congrats to Bondy on passing his exams! Come visit us next you're in the neighborhood.

Brian and Nellene said...

I too am in love with Idaho! All the pictures and things that you did reminded me so much of my experiences growing up there. Brian and I would love to buy a little farm there someday...want to live next door?