Thursday, August 25, 2011

BYU Freshman Roomate Reunion

These are some of my best friends in the whole world.  We were placed together in the dorms freshman year at BYU and became fast, close friends. 
 Four years ago we met up in NYC for a reunion with just us girls, but this year we decided our families should join us.  We met up in Island Park, Idaho to stay in Megan's in-law's cabin.
Jack, Bear, and Blake ready for church. 

After church on Sunday we drove up to Big Springs.
 The mosquitoes were horrible, so we didn't stay too long.
 But we did walk long enough to see a MOOSE!
We spent most of the time on the lake boating,  

or jet skiing.  The boys were OBSESSED with the jet skis and were constantly begging Daddy to take them for a ride.
The rest of the time we spent in the hot tub, eating, chasing kids around,
and playing games late into the night.
 Definitely one of my favorite vacations.

 Miss you guys already.  Can't wait for Hawaii 2015!


Wiseman Family said...

That's so awesome that you're all able to get together every few years. Last year was 10 years since my freshman year and I wished my roommates and I could have had a reunion. You look so adorable, by the way. =)

Stacy and Justin said...

How fun! It was good to see pictures of you and all of your old roomies! You look fabulous too!

Greg and Nicolle said...

Looks like tons of fun!