Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jammie Pants

Dana at MADE is doing a whole month worth of boy posts!  Here is my take on her pant tutorial from Monday.  They were very simple to make. I forsee many more homemade pants coming our way.

 And they aren't just good for sleeping.
They're good for jumping.
Brotherly wrestling.
 Bench sharing.
 Cookie and milk dipping.
 And posing for the camera.


Tessa said...

I love how you just take a pants tutorial and voila! Pants by Thursday! Amazing. Someday when we hang out I want to get sewing lessons from you. :)

Danielle said...

cayuuuute! I gotta make some of dem!

Wiseman Family said...

Cool pants and pics. That was some fast sewing!

Alys said...

Wow! You got to work fast. I am loving all the boy ideas, just like last year. Maybe someday I will get around to making something. Ha!

Greg and Nicolle Sherwood said...

very cute, love those jammies!