Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day Weekend

We were so happy to have our family from Tennessee drive up for the holiday (minus Grammy...we missed you!).  Bug was more than thrilled to have his two AWESOME uncles to play with.  Here is what our weekend looked like:
Red, White, and Blue get-up.
 Ward Breakfast and Parade.
Toy Story 3!!!
Water fights.
Tents inside the house.
Lots of boys.
And more fireworks.  That is 25,000 firecrackers you're looking at.  Yep that's right, our neighborhood doesn't mess around.  We heard/saw/smelt/dreamt fireworks for about three days straight.
Thanks for coming Pops, Uncle Grayson, and Uncle Sam! We love you and Bug has us all pretending to be one of you as we go about our day. (I get to be you, Grammy...cause we are both "Grils!")

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Lynette said...

HATE that I missed all this fun...Thanks for posting photos -- love them all! Love YOU all!