Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Feet

Bug tends to wake up as soon as the sun comes up (ie 5:45 or so).  He is allowed to come into our room in the morning if it is light outside and lay down on a sleeping bag beside our bed if we are still asleep.  This morning he asked me to cover him up with a blankie.  As I did I told him  that he could put his head on the  pillow that was there for him.  As he laid his head on the floor he said, "No cause it's pink." Where did he come up with the idea that he doesn't like pink, and that he would dislikes it so much that he would rather rest his head on the floor than a soft pillow?!
In addition to waking up early, he is also in the stage of wanting to stay up late now that he realizes we are still awake.  Tonight while Bond and I were at the table eating cookies and milk, Bug came wandering out of his room and made his way into the kitchen. Bond asked, "Hey, whatcha doin'?"
Bug shrugged and said offhandedly, "I just want to hang out with you guys."  
How can you say no to that? I don't care what time it is.


ashley wright said...

OH SUMMER FEET!!! too funny. And I love that he said he just wanted to hang out with you guys. That's priceless!! Hope you guys are settling in over there :)

Dianne said...

Whose feet are those, Bug's or Bear's? Wish adults had such cute feet.

Sconierson said...

Oh how I just wish it were summer here. I don't think that it is ever going to warm up. We are still in the upper 50's to low 60's with rain, rain, rain. I would rather be in Nebraska!!!!!!!!!!