Wednesday, June 9, 2010

May Catch-Up

Learning about teeth. 
(And how to rot them with marshmallows.)
Tender Family Home Evening Moments.
                       Putting Bear to work.                                      Being resourceful with a puzzle piece as a paci.
Getting dressed and ready for church is quite the ordeal.   Worthy of a picture.


Tessa said...

Cute! My favorite is putting Bear to work!

Emily said...

Hey did you make a little scripture picture book? I've been looking for an "understandable" or at least a picture Book of Mormon idea for Blake. Do you think about all these things yourself? Your kids are going to be the smartest kids in school.

Sconierson said...

Dear Bug,
When are you coming to this house? I miss you and want to play with you.
From Emerson