Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Buzz Bed

Bug has been sucking his fingers since he was 4 months old. It was great then, but now his teeth are moving forward and he always has callouses on his fingers. He only sucks his fingers when he has one of his "blankies" so we decided it was time to say goodbye to them and move on. Tonight Bug traded them in for a plush Buzz Lightyear, pillow, quilt, and sheets. I am not huge on decorating with "character themes", but if it works, it is DEFINITELY worth it. We also wrapped one of his fingers in a bandaid to remind him not to put it in his mouth. I am VERY interested to see if it is still on in the morning. The boys are currently bouncing around in their dark room while Bug sings songs that sound like this, "I love my new Buzz!" "I have a bandaid..." and such. We will see if he ever goes to bed without those little fingers to soothe him..........To be continued.


Eric and Emily said...

Good luck...I guess that's advantage of having a child who doesn't self soothe...we don't have to break that habit later. Looks like he loves his new bed!

Lynette said...

Great idea! But it has been so CUTE to watch that automatic reaction -- feel the blankie, stick the fingers in the mouth. Time marches on. Like the Buzz Lightyear stuff!

Sconierson said...

Emerson now wants a buzz bed like Colton.