Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bear's Blue Birthday Bash

We had such a fun time celebrating Bear's Birthday and managed to fit 10 families in our little place! That was a success for sure.
Here is my handsome boy on his First Birthday.
Some of the party guests.The food: including meat balls, artichoke dip, and TNT cheese salsa. So glad there are left overs. :)
Party Favors. Have you guys ever seen these candies before? They are shaped like M&M's, but are Almond Joy and York Peppermint Patty flavored. Mmmm good, and the perfect colors for the party.
Okay, so I tried to attempt a non-fondant cake this time, and I will NOT try it again until I take my next cake class. Making frosting look smooth is a lot harder than I thought.

Cupcake Party Shirts
Happy Birthday Banner.


Alys said...

I love the matching cupcake shirts! Looks like it was a fun party!

Greg and Nicolle Sherwood said...

Cute, Cute... love the photo of him feeding you his cupcake. And I love the adorable birthday banner. I think your cake looks great. Happy B-day, Bear!

Tessa said...

Everything was cute about that party! Happy birthday to baby!

sgatherum said...

The meatballs were great! Thanks for having us over to celebrate.

Danielle said...

You are amazing! Great theme choice. And yes it is FREAKIN hard to make icing look smoothe! You did great!!!

OK so I miss you really bad. How about I ship myself AND anndi AND Caleb to you??? Mkay? Mkay.

Lynette said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE party! I love the shirts, the adorable boys wearin them; the cake, the adorable boys eating it; and the sweet parents who threw the party -- although we KNOW who did all the work!

The Longs said...

Can I ask for a request for a tuturial for you b-day banner and shirts, they are so cute! I want to do that for my boys b-days.

Brian and Nellene said...

Wow what a party. Rogan is looking so grown up. It's fun to catch up with your life on your blog. We miss you!!

Jenny and Tanner Bennion said...

Everything was so cute!! I wish we could have come. The cake was adorable. I totally loved it!! You are such a good mom :)