Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bear's 6th Birthday

Totally missed posting about Bear's sixth birthday from March.  He prepared for his birthday weeks in advance.  He made the crown to wear on his birthday. I love this little boy so much.  He is sweet, compassionate, sensitive, affection, funny, and loves his family.  He really enjoys working outside on the farm and is a great helper.  

His presents: A globe,
new shoes, 
Ramen Noodles (that is a true smile of joy right there!),
A pocket shirt and money from Poppi and Gigi,
Farm Boots (an item used every day around here),
and a Castle Set.
He had his best friend from church, Kai, over to play all afternoon and evening.
He really wanted to have a sword fight for his party so he prepared this "armor" to wear for it.
He picked out some GI Joe guys for his cake and the bright orange frosting.

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