Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Bond's family and Grandparents came to visit us for Christmas this year.  It was really nice to be together and enjoy a relaxing time together. 
Belle fell even more in love with her Uncle G, and was always asking where he was if he was in a different room.
We have been tossing a couple of farm names around for the past year or two and finally decided to make one official with Christmas gifts for everyone.  Introducing, "Wilding Acres Farm."  Named after Bond's great-grandfather Frank Wilding (his Grandma's, center of the picture, dad) who was a farmer and shares Bond's birthday.
Belle's favorite saying over Christmas, "It's HO-HO time!"
The boys bought Daddy the second Harry Potter book.  He read the first one to them last month and Bug thought it would be a great idea to buy one for his stocking.
Christmas Eve Jammies.

Christmas Eve nativity.
My sweet boy.
Bear was very into his roll as the Shepherd.
Dog pile on the uncles.
Girls day out to Trader Joe's (I have to drive thirty minutes to get to one now because they see dairy-free chocolate chips) and lunch.
The temperature the Sunday before Christmas was in the 70's.  I am in love with this place.

Bond and I before our date to the University Christmas Party.


Alissa said...

You look super duper great for date. Wowzers :) and your family pictures are adorable. Time does fly by doesn't it. I'm glad you are loving your new home and farm. Look you grown ups, having farms and naming them :) sounds like a dream life.

Sierra said...

You look so distinguished in that last picture! And what a great name for your farm! I'm so happy for you guys!