Thursday, November 14, 2013

Belle is TWO!

My baby is two! She only weighs 20 1/2 pounds but her huge, loud, and intense personality make up for what she lacks in weight.  She still loves to cuddle and  her favorite conversation is as follows:
Belle: "I happy Mama.  You happy? "
Me: "Yes girlie, I am so happy."
Belle:  "I happy too.  Bubbas (her brothers) happy?"
Bug: "Yeah, I'm happy."
Bear: "YES! Why do I always have to answer that?"
Belle: "Oh, they happy."

Belle got a kitten for her birthday.  She is obsessed with holding it and saying "Hi, Cat!" over and over again.

We had a couple of friends over to celebrate her special day with pizza and cake.

She was totally into her party and the birthday song.  She waited until the end and then blew out her own candles.

I love these two ladies.  As soon as we moved here they wrapped their arms around me and made me feel loved and right at home.  I am so thankful for good friends.

 My mom and dad got her a stroller and I gave her one of my old dolls and a blanket my friend made me in high school.
Belle loves music.  She has about ten different cds that she listens to at night and sings right along with them.  
She takes very short naps and likes to wake up early and be on the go all day. She doesn't miss a beat with her big brothers and joins in on whatever they are doing. 
 We love our two-year-old!

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Roxanne said...

Oh, these are such sweet photos, especially with the cute kitty. What a beautiful little girl!