Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekend with Cousins

We got to spend the weekend with one of my nieces and two nephews.   My kids loved having three extra people to run around and play with.  
Bear and cousin G painting the chicken tractor.
Bug and cousin L on our way to the Children's Theatre production of Sherlock Holmes.
Bear's pizza face of his cousin L.
Impromptu family Monster Mash. (We are in the process of painting walls around here.)
Visit to the Art of the Brick Lego Exhibit.

I love that we are now closer to at least some family so that we can see them more often.

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Becky said...

I would love to learn about the farm you live on. Pictures, fun facts, animals, crops, family, etc.

Get right on that...

love you Nath, and miss you and your cute family.