Monday, July 15, 2013


I can hardly write this post. It makes me so sad to leave this amazing woman.  She has graciously taught Bug and I piano since last August.  Originally it was only supposed to be Bug taking lessons, but she also offered to teach me as well.  I have secretly wished to play the piano for a long, long time, but felt insecure and didn't really think I could ever learn.  Sister W cheered me on and told me I was doing great as I fumbled through simple songs.  I still have A LOT to learn, but now I feel like I can actually do it.  I think I will feel like I can actually say "I play the piano" when I can sit down, open up the Hymn book and play any song.  But for now, I am happy with what I have learned and love the gift of music she has shared with us.
  I also had to say goodby to two of my dear friends.  They have both impacted my life for the better and have felt so grateful to know them.  I hope our paths will cross again.

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Alissa said...

:( my mom told me it was your last week. I hope you have a wonderful new adventure but Nebraska will miss you. GOOD LUCK!!....Don't worry, I'll keep following you on your blog.