Friday, May 10, 2013


Ready for Graduation! 
Waiting, waiting, waiting.
Bond getting hooded, to the right is his dissertation chair.  She has been incredibly helpful and supportive. 
Bond DID NOT want to walk for his graduation, he doesn't like to be in the spotlight and thinks the whole ordeal is overly pretentious, but luckily his mom and I were able to persuade him otherwise.  Neither of us walked for our undergrad degrees and this is a major accomplishment.  He has worked his tail off the past 8 years, going to school, working, serving in time demanding church callings, and taking care of us. 
Bond with his family.
Bear and Pops.
Bond with his little bros.
Bond and his Mom.

Celebration dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant. (I am sooo gonna miss this place when we are gone.)
My parents were kind enough to watch Belle during the ceremonies so we had to get a family picture with her the next day after church. 


Greg and Nicolle said...

Yay, Chris!!! I love the photo of Belle wearing the graduation cap. (Also, Wow... I never noticed before how much Chris looks like his Mom!)

Megan and Shawn said...

This is such an enormous accomplishment for you both! I just remember feeling so much admiration for Shawn watching him get hooded. You guys are awesome and I'm so excited to see the next chapter of the Dr. and the little Misses! Great job.