Friday, April 26, 2013


After months of searching and HOURS on the computer, we finally got close enough to our moving date to make a house hunting trip.  After a stressful and exciting trip, we got news tonight that our offer has been accepted and we are the thrilled new owners of our first home. Eeeek!
It sits on 16 acres and has been owned by the same family for the last 25 years.  They ran it as a strawberry farm.  The owner has been widowed for several years, so the property has not been kept up.  It will take some work to get some of the fields re-cleared and ready for farming, but Bond and my Dad are just itching to get at it.
The inside is also going to require work. The owner seems to have been a meticulous house cleaner, so things are all in excellent condition, just outdated. There is lots of wallpaper to strip, like this white iridescent striped living room and part of the kitchen.

 But there has also been an addition put on the house more recently which I really like.
 I think I am most excited about the loft that we are going to use for our home school room.
We are feeling very blessed and excited, but we are going to enjoy our last few months in Nebraska. We love it here. 


wendysue said...

What an adventure on those 16 acres your family will have! Beautiful home too! We'll miss you!

Tessa said...

Oh that is AWESOME!!!! I love the house and the windows and the loft!! So excited for you! I want to come visit.

Greg and Nicolle said...

So beautiful... I love it!!! Congrats. I think you should have a butler at those fancy gates to let in your visitors.

Diane said...

Congrats! It looks perfect for you all!

Roxanne said...

I LOVE it! 16 acres... I feel a little jealous. And the house seems so light with plenty of windows to look out at all your private land. Congrats on a great place!

Sierra said...

Ahh! Congratulations! It's fabulous! Even though some stuff is a little outdated, it has really good bones. I'm excited to see its transformation. It'll be like an HGTV episode via blog! (Blogisode?) :) How exciting!