Friday, March 8, 2013

Bear Turns Four

Bear celebrated his fourth birthday this week.  He has been looking forward to it for months.  Here he is posing with his presents yelling, "I am FOUR!"  He's modeling the new Ninjago shirt he picked out to wear to his special birthday celebration at preschool. (I personally don't like character clothing, but if it makes a kid happy, why not?!)
He was allowed to open his presents from Grammy and Pops at 8 am.  While they played with the gifts I made one of Bear's favorite breakfasts, puffed pancake.
He loved the viking set they sent him.  He could battle good guys vs. bad guys all day...and all night if we let him.
After lunch he opened the rest of his presents.  Both of the boys spent a long time playing with the Playmobil set from Gigi and Poppi. 

I know I have mentioned before how PERFECT Bear's preschool is.  I am so sad we won't be here for him to go next year.  A knitting group from the church where he goes to school made a "Lovey" for every kid on to have on their birthday. 

Bug pretty much thought it was his birthday too. 
Bear chose to eat dinner at the Crave so he could get a hot dog and applesauce bucket.
Then we went to one of the kids favorite places, Lost in Fun. 

I am kind of over/don't have enough time, to make fancy cakes these days, so Bug picked out and assembled this Dino Lego set to put on Bear's cake. 
We had a great day celebrating our sweet, kind, funny four year old.  We love you Bear!


Greg and Nicolle said...

happy birthday!... sorry i didn't mention it when i had you on the phone.
he is looking like such a big boy!
p.s. i like your bangs

Lynette said...

Hard to believe he's FOUR. Looks like lots of fun was had...can't wait to see itty-bitty-Belle walking!! (And your hair is very cute!)

Roxanne said...

Now that's my kind of cake! Looks like a great day.