Thursday, October 18, 2012

11 Months

Seeing as how this little one is rapidly approaching her first birthday, I better get her 11 month post under my belt.
This past month has been huge for Belle.  She is really coming in to her own and acting more like a toddler than a baby. 
First words other that Dada and Mama include doggie, baby, and uh-oh.
She loves to wave hello, give "loves" by resting her forehead on your head, and signs "all done!"
She is starting to find her legs and stood up for the first time on the side of the tub.
She LOVES her brothers and is more than happy to play among them, under them, on top of them, and with all of their stuff.
She enjoys putting toys in and on things and when she finds her brothers clothes, socks, or underwear (clean or dirty) laying around she puts them on her head.
She has begun to pull her headbands and bows off.....oh well, it lasted longer than I thought. :)
And last but definitely NOT least......SHE IS SLEEPING THOUGH THE NIGHT!



Tessa said...

Yay for sleeping through the night!

Stacy and Justin said...

She is beautiful, Love the last picture with her big blue eyes!