Monday, September 10, 2012

10 months

 Belle continues to make being the mom of a little girl everything I ever hoped it would be.  She is getting all over the place and is pulling up to her knees, but not yet to standing.  Baths are her favorite but don't last long because she dives and rolls all over the place and swallowing water doesn't seem to phase her. 
She likes baby veggies and baby cereal, avocados, crackers with hummus, and chocolate.  When she sees us getting it out she smacks her lips until she gets some.
I left her with a friend today while Bear and I took Bug to piano lessons.  She screamed the whole time. 
She goes to sleep around 7:30.  I still nurse her around 11 before I go to bed and then she wakes up to nurse again around 6 or so, but goes back to sleep until about 9:30. 
It is nice to have her in bed for 14 hours, but she still only goes about 7-8 hours without eating.  Hopefully that will lengthen soon as seeing how she is almost a year....guess I won't be weaning her at 12 months like I did with the boys.
We love our little girl!


Stacy and Justin said...

She is adorable! Her and Gracie would be best friends! Same with my boys and your boys!

Diane said...

She's so cute! She looks so different from just a few months ago. Such a sweet family.

Alys said...

She has the perfect little baby face! Such a cutie!

Kori said...

She is precious!

Lynette said...

Oh, my gosh! I can honestly say she is THE cutest little girl in the whole world! And those boys are in the TOP 5 on the planet!