Monday, July 9, 2012

Belle at 8 months

Belle is a little bundle of sunshine.  She is generally happy and content no matter where we go or what we are doing. 

She has zero teeth and is a Rollie Pollie all over over the place but is not crawling.  I count both of these things as tender mercies (seeing as our house is covered with Lego's and other small toys), but know that in the next month or so things will be different.  She is just starting to be able to sit up alone for bits at a time.  She loves baby food and baby cereal and is a great nurser.

She wants to be where the action is and adores her big brothers.  As soon as she wakes up she is searching for them. She is on the small side and still fits into most of her 3-6 months clothes. 

 We all love this little girl to pieces.  She adds so much joy to our home.


Tessa said...

She's so pretty- I love how she and Rogan have your eyes:) THANKS FOR THE CARS! Haha, I didn't even know we used to have a car in our little bin of crappy toys. :)

Lynette said...

SOOOOO Precious!!