Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flashback June 2011- Celebrate Lincoln

I found these pictures from exactly a year ago. I was 19 weeks pregnant with Belle.  Sometimes I think I overkill when it comes to picture taking, but then I looked back over the five years of our blog (technically two blogs since I made our first one private since it had our names) and felt SO glad that I take a ridiculous amount of them.  A million rush of emotions came over me....the strongest of them being how FAST time flies.  I love being a mom, and reliving all the memories we have made as a family fills me with gratitude and extreme joy.  I want to savor every minute we have together.

  On the way home from this event I broke out in a crazy rash.  This happened two other times during my pregnancy with Belle and I have now idea what from.  I know I am allergic to milk, but it doesn't give me hives.  Once was from swimming and has happened another time since....weird.

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