Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Day

We woke the boys up at 7 so that we would have time to open stocking and eat a quick breakfast before our 9 am church service.
Bottom Right: Bond with his brothers, Grayson and Sam.
 The boys were extremely patient about opening presents.  We even got them to eat lunch after church before diving into them.

I don't think Bond has bought a single clothing item for himself since we got married.  He really could not care less about what he wears, as long as it isn't too trendy.  He about died when he put on the AE jeans with creases on the thighs I bought him. :) His little brothers bought him this shirt.  It says, "Based on my
calculations, I'm awesome."   He was completely embarrassed to wear them, so of course his mom and I had to snap some shots of him. 

Bug and therefore Bear are VERY into Legos right now.  They each bought a set for one another for Christmas, so the afternoon was spent putting them together.  Pops loves Legos almost as much as the kids so he was very helpful in getting them all assembled.

We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and yummy dinner with a friend from church. 
Christmas is so fun with little ones!

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Alissa said...

Ha that is too funny about Bond. Thankfully, GG is very willing to let me help pick out his clothes. Bond's jeans look, hmm, how should I say this? I want to say cute but that's probably not right....very nice. :) Looks like you had a lovely Christmas.
ps. my mom told me that she loves your new haircut- it is cute from what I can tell from your pictures.