Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bug's Christmas Program

Bug had his Preschool Christmas Program this past week.  We were all very excited about it, but you wouldn't have known he was if you were to have seen the performance.  He was sooo shy and scared looking up there.  It was pretty, dang cute.
 I never realized how short he is compared to other kids his age until I saw him up there with the rest of his class.  Granted, some of them are already 5 and almost a year older than him, but some are still four.  Looks like he's got his Poppi's genes. :)
 I do have to give him some credit though.  He sang most all of the songs and did most of the actions.  The boy to the left of him looked exactly the same as he does in the picture below the ENTIRE performance.  He didn't move at all.  It was HILARIOUS to me
 LOVE this picture.  My twinners.

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