Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Preschool and The "how to find a good friend" Factor

 Bug started his first day of preschool today.  He will be attending three afternoons a week.  I really wanted him to be able to be around some kids his age and make more friends. Here is how our conversation went when I picked him up.
Me: Did you play with any of the other kids today?
Bug: Yeah, I liked two boys but not the other ones. (there are three girls in his class and seven boys)
Me: Why didn't you like the other boys? (he does NOT like playing with girls.)
Bug: They were skinny.
(Um okay, I thought he was going to tell me they were mean because that is what he usually tells me.)
Me: Did you need the snack I packed you?
Bug: No we had cookies and chocolate milk for some one's birthday.
Me: Oh! Who was it for, Maddox? (I had seen the cookie cake out side of the classroom with the beginning initials of "Ma" on it)
Bug: Yeah
Me: Is he one of the boys you played with?
Bug: No.  He didn't have chubby cheeks.  His were just skinny.
HAHA! Talk about a bizarre preference for how to pick friends.  But whatever works. lol
 These two boys love each other so much.  For the most part they play so well together and keep each other entertained.  It is going to come in handy when their baby sister arrives.


Lynette said...

Soooo cute! Can't believe our little Colton is in pre-school...amazing to me. What adorable boys in these photos!

Roxanne said...

That is so hilarious! The things they think of just crack me up.

Alys said...

Chubby cheeks! That is so funny!

Becky said...

Too funny!