Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 We had a great time exploring Nauvoo with family from both sides.  Bond's parents and brothers, my parents, and my oldest sister and her husband.
Bear was so exhausted from the late nights and lack of nap time that he fell asleep on me while we were on the wagon ride.  This is a rarity amongst both of my boys so I enjoy it when I can.

Left to Right: My parents, Bond's parents, and Bond's brother.
 Pioneer boy...doesn't he have the CUTEST brown eyes?
 Bug was pretending to be at school and wanted to tell him what to draw, so this is his wagon.  I love the spokes he put on the wheels.

 Uncle Grayson, Bug, Pops, and Bear in the saw competition.
 Bear was blue from head to toes after eating this while we waited for the pageant to start. When we took his shirt off his entire front was literally stained bright blue. 

 Bear did NOT find humor in this pose we were forcing on him.
 They LOVED the stick pull.  There was a young teenage boy hanging out there wanting to challenge any one he could.  When Bond sat down to verse him the boy very seriously said, "Don't hold back." It was hilarious, and so cute how confidant he was.
 Attempting to waltz.


Nathan said...

How fun! I wish we had made more of an effort to get to Nauvoo while we were semi close. Looks like you guys had SO much fun!

Greg and Nicolle said...

He DOES have the prettiest brown eyes. I wonder who he got them from???