Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

 I had so much fun planning the boys Easter outfits this year.  I got a head start a few months ago since I was hoping to be pregnant soon and knew I wouldn't be able to sew.  I made the bow ties on a whim one day with some fabric I had bought to make ties for them last year and never used.  Later I bought the faux linen for their pants (I avoid ironing at all costs), cut the pattern out and promptly got too sick to care about sitting up long enough to sew.  That is when my Mom, the amazing seamstress, came to the rescue. She whipped up their adorable pants and I love the result.  Bug reminds me of Einstein and Bear of Alfalfa. Bow ties are so funny.
 Bug, our "Mr. A Type" personality, was more concerned about his shoes getting wet than posing for a picture. Bear, on the other hand, was all kicks and giggles.  It is funny how different two boys from the same parents can be.  We love them so much.

Happy Easter!


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Becky said...

So so so so so so so adorable! What handsome boys. Why are bow ties so funny? I agree, they are, but why?

Stacy and Justin said...

I love their little bow ties! You did a fabulous job!