Thursday, December 23, 2010

Car Mat

My mom made a car mat for us when we were kids, and even as a girl I remember playing with it a lot and really enjoying it.  When I saw this one on Homemade By Jill, I had to make one for the boys. And I have been sewing like mad the past few nights to get it done by Christmas.
An old school house and our Church Building.
A Barn and Silo.
Our House.
Daddy's School and Work.
A Fire Station.

The Zoo and Zoo Train.
Gas Station.

The back.
The two things I would have done differently are:
  1. Interfaced the green fabric before doing anything else. By the time I started sewed things on it was too late. It would have kept the mat flat and decreased the puckers when doing the zig zag stitching.
2. Used a different kind of fabric paint for the road, or I would sew the road on with fabric.  It made the mat way too bumpy. 

Argh, but as the say, hindsight is 20/20. Don't you just hate that?


Tessa said...

Nathalie that is amazing! So cute I want one haha!

Roxanne said...

That is adorable. Amazing job! I'm sure they'll love it.

Alys said...

It turned out great! I bet your boys will love it!

wendysue said...

It turned out so great Nathalie!!