Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sonic. Drive-In For a Change

Location of my first "real" job.
One of my best friend's Dad was the owner. 
We ate LOTS of Sonic.  
One historical night there, the two of us each ate a Chicken Club Toaster, cheese tots, cheddar peppers, and a peanut butter fudge sundae......and we didn't even puke. 
 I was a rollerskating carhop and it ROCKED.  
I think I only wiped out twice and on one of those I saved the food.
Now we have eaten there with our kids. 
My world has come full circle.


Wiseman Family said...

That's so cool you were a car hop. Sonic was such a huge hang out place when I was in high school. =) Good times.

Shalantie said...

haha, ahh life is now complete :)
A skater car hop? That is pretty sweet. I can just picture it now. Man.. i'm craving me a cherry limeade. We miss you back here. Chris especially!

Stacy and Justin said...

I LOVE sonic! So yummy! I especially love their onion rings and berry lemon slush. Your boys are so handsome!!!