Thursday, January 14, 2010


Reunion quilt for Bondy's Grandparents 50th Wedding AnniversaryQuilt I helped a friend make out of her old T-shirts (2007-2008)
For my Nephew 12/2009For one of my BF's baby girl 12/2009
For my Niece and Nephews 12/2005
For one of my BF's mom who catered our wedding 2004
For Bondy and I 12/2004
For my mom 8/2001 (One of my first quilts)
For my one day baby girl (2005)
Leftovers from the previous quilt (2005)
Bug's Nursery Quilt 5/2007
For my in-laws (12/2004)Made out of leftovers the for our Master Bedroom Wall (2008)

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Dianne said...

Enjoyed seeing all of these. Where is Bug's rag quilt? You could turn over one corner to display both sides. I need this as a reference as I'm making similar quilts for C & L.